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Nafees Bakers is the largest confectionary Asian confectionary producer in UK, producing baked goods, snacks, savories, biscuits, signature rusks and fresh cakes. With attention to detail and consistency imperative, all Nafees products are meticulously quality checked  and new lines only introduced after months of market search followed by recipe alignment and finally sampling; only then it's a thumbs up and all the important Nafees branding is given ..

Nafees Bakers serving their customers since 1979, we are growing with the demand of our consumers,  its only because Nafees never gives up on quality and highly maintained food standards, Nafees is serving with more than 40 branches both nationally and internationally and many more stores are on their way.

Nafees Bakers creates scrumptious individually crafted cakes for all occasions, using the best sourced ingredients offering consistency  in equal measure of each cake. The in store making time for a personalised cake is on average five minutes, five minutes in creating a moment that the recipient will remember for years to come...and they say good things comes to those who wait !!

Nafees Bakers delivers the good but don't keep you waiting for long. with a state of art manufacturing plant at its disposal, Nafees Bakers offers steady stream of 'fresh of the line products'.

The First Nafees Bakers opened its first door in Mirpur Azad Kashmir July 1979. The opening of those doors have lead to many of throughout Britain. with a current operating number of franchiser at 40 this number is set to burst with the introduction of rejuvenated corporate branding along with new and ever increasing product lines to tickle all the taste buds.

Nafees Bakers evolving business model has lead it to develop a purpose built manufacturing plant. Being equipped in meeting all international food standards and regulations, Nafees products are always made to measure to consistently meet the standards of both the regulators and the end user, our priceless guests as known in the other business models as simply customers.

Colleagues at the Nafees Manufacturing Plant are trained to the same high standards as those adapted by the brands founding father (Mr Muhammad Saleem) standard which only increase the process in creating the end product heightens until reaching the quality control team, who form the final opinion, the opinion that only the Nafees Bakers would proudly endorse.

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